Tax Services

These are uncertain times in which we live. Every year new legislation changes the tax rules. Consequently, informed and experienced advice is key to maximizing tax savings both for you personally and your business. I offer a wide array of tax services tailored both to individuals and businesses. Following I detail some of the main tax services I offer, but if you have a tax question please do not hesitate to call me, I can probably help.

- Individuals: No client is too small or too big. I prepare tax returns for individuals ranging from a simple 1040EZ to complex returns involving a Schedule B (for investors), Schedule C (for self-employed individuals), Schedule F (for farmers and ranchers),  or a number of other forms of schedules.

- Businesses
: For tax purposes, a business may take many forms. The same enterprise could be organized as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited liability company, or a corporation. If you need help deciding which entity is right for you, I will be glad to advise you. Once the choice has been made, I am experienced in handling the rules of taxation applicable to each of these entities.

- Payroll, Sales Tax, & Other Reporting Requirements
: I offer a full line of services designed to meet the tax reporting requirements of businesses, including preparation of payroll tax forms, sales tax forms, and other required federal and state forms.

- Other Entities
: Sometimes in life (or in death) peculiar circumstances give rise to peculiar tax needs. Trusts and estates are sometimes the result of the death of a loved one or are sometimes carefully created to transfer wealth to the coming generation. If you need advice when creating or handling trusts and estates, please give me a call.

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

Most small to medium size businesses are faced with the tough fact that hiring a full-time bookkeeper or accountant is too expensive. The business is left with two choices: distributing the bookkeeping and accounting functions between the current employees and owners or hiring a CPA. With the help of my experienced staff, I can be that CPA that meets your business's needs for accurate bookkeeping and accounting services tailored both to gauge in-house performance and outside reporting. A brief synopsis of those services follows.

- Bookkeeping: I offer bookkeeping services both in an ongoing basis (e.g., monthly) or as required to complete other services (e.g., preparing the tax return at the end of the year). Your bookkeeping needs may be dictated by factors such as whether you have payroll, must report sales tax, or require timely and accurate information for in-house performance evaluations. No matter the reason, I can set up a payroll service that matches your needs.

- Payroll, Sales Tax, & Other Reporting Requirements: As stated above (in the Tax Services section) I offer several services to meet businesses' reporting requirements. Along with bookkeeping services you may be interested in getting help with payroll, sales tax reporting, or with any other report required by either the federal government or the state.

- Attestation Services: I offer the accounting services traditionally offered by certified public accountants, such as audits, reviews, and compilations. If you need financial statements prepared by a CPA (for example, for a business loan application), please give me a call.

Advisory Services
Sometimes you need less tangible help, though by no means less crucial to your success: you need advice. Before everything is said and done and all that is left is reporting the facts to the government, let's talk. I offer advisory services in the areas set forth above, such as tax planning, planning and execution of in-house controls, set up of bookkeeping and accounting systems, and more. If you have been asking yourself what is the best course of action, give me a call.